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Committee Leadership

Archives Committee

Sandra Carson (Chairman)

Tiffany Williams (Co-Chairman)

Audit Committee

Josette Floyd (Chairman)

Shunda Adams (Co-Chairman)

Basilei Council

Chiquita White (Chairman)

Bylaws Committee

Angela Booth-Jones(Chairman)

Nicole Ausmer (Co-Chairman)

Childcare Committee

Pamela Garces Daniels (Chairman)

Valerie Cox (Co-Chairman)

Chapter Retreat

Joy McGee (Chairman)

Angela Booth Jones (Co-Chairman)

Connection Committee

Elisa Murphy (Chairman)

Joi Johnson (Co-Chairman)

Courtesies Committee

Bethany Shropshire (Chairman)

Angelle Green Edwards (Co-Chairman)

EAF Captain

Brittany Lewis-Brown (Chairman)

Alicia Lewis (Co-Chairman)

Finance Committee

Shenita Hicks (Chairman)

Candace Huff (Co-Chairman)

Fundraising Committee

Adrienne Hairston (Chairman)

Taryn Neal (Co-Chairman)

Rochelle Johnson (Co-Chairman)

Hospitality Committee

Barnetta Duhart (Chairman)

Mayla Ates (Co-Chairman)

Leadership Committee

Tina Jackson (Chairman)

Dawn Grace (Co-Chairman)

Membership Committee

Sheryl Fleming (Chairman)

Stephanie Jeter (Co-Chairman)

Tracy Turney-Smith (Co-Chairman)

Nominating Committee

Sandra Carson

Adrienne Hairston

Karen Kirksey

Daphne Robinson

Rukeyser Thompson

Rolanda Wilkerson

NPHC Representative

Gail Adams-Arnold 

Patrice Kirksey


Candace Huff (Chairman)

Jaelynn Johnson (Co-Chairman)

Public Relations

Krystal Sweat (Chairman)

Olivia Morange (Co-Chairman)

Regional Awards

Corrine Carthell (Chairman)

Natasha Smith (Co-Chairman)

Risk Management 

Rukeyser Thompson (Chairman)

Tammy Fussell (Co-Chairman)

Rituals Committee

Tia Patterson (Chairman)

Rochelle Buckley (Co-Chairman)

Scholarship Committee

Jennifer Williams (Chairman)

Agreta Mason (Co-Chairman)

Sisterly Relations

Kieli Ferguson (Chairman)

Scarlett Collins (Co-Chairman)

Standards Committee

Alisha Mitchell (Chairman)

Kim Saxon (Co-Chairman)

Technology Committee

Trina Patrick (Chairman)

Marcia Boyd(Co-Chairman)

Tellers Committee

Medina Rahman (Chairman)

Monica Blackwell-Harper (Co-Chairman)

Time & Place

Alicia Carlisle (Chairman)

TBD (Co-Chairman)

Target Program Leaders

Lisa Marchand    (Program Chairman)

Target 1:  HBCU for Life: A Call to Action

Nneka Robinson (Target Captain)

Shunda Adams (Target Co-Captain)

Target 2: Women's Healthcare & Wellness

Dwonna Lenoir (Target Captain)

Tina Lindsay (Target Co-Captain)

 Target 3: Building Your Economic Legacy

Andrea Betts (Target Captain)

Annette Barnes (Target Co-Captain)

Target 4: The Arts!

Michelle Bush (Target Captain)

Deborah Porter (Target Co-Captain)

Target 5: Global Impact

Terri Betts (Target Captain)

Veronica Hairston (Target Co-Captain)

PPO Roses:    Kim Wade (Chair)  Barnetta Duhart (Co-Chair)

PPO Girl Scouts:  Shunda Adams(Chair)  Krystal Sweat (Co-Chair)

PPO Closing the Health Gap:  Lisa Marchand (Chair)  

PPO Shred Day:  Shenita Hicks (Chair)  

#CAP: College Admission Process

The Signature Program

Tomica Chitterson (Chairman)

Cherinee Donaldson (Co-Chairman)

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